9 steps to shooting abstract landscape photography

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1. Make sure you research your location

One of the beautiful things about shooting woodland images is that you don’t have to travel too far to find potential locations.

‘While having access to a nearby forest is great,’ says Lee, ‘there is just as much interest to be found in the copses, parks and field edges that most of us barely give a second look to as we pass them each day.

‘I often scour the OS maps of my local area looking for patches of trees to explore. These days I rarely travel more than 15 minutes from home when heading out to shoot woodland images.

2. Be open to unplanned ideas

What’s good about Lee’s particular brand of abstract landscape photography is that it doesn’t necessarily require any kind of previsualization when thinking about what he’d like to shoot.

‘While I occasionally set out with a particular image in mind, the chaotic and unpredictable nature of the areas I tend to shoot means this usually leads to disappointment,’ says Lee. ‘More of than not, I just set off walking through the woods and wait to see what catches my eye.

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