3 creative photography tricks using continuous shooting mode

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Using continuous shooting mode on your camera is as simple as switching from single shooting mode (S) to continuous (C). Easy as that. Before we get into the creative fun that you can have with continuous shooting mode, let’s look at what it is, how it works, when to use it and things we need to consider when using it.

What is continuous shooting mode?

Continuous shooting mode is often referred to as “burst mode”, because of the burst of shots you can take with just one press of the shutter.

On some cameras there are different continuous shooting mode settings, such as CL for continuous low and CH for continuous high.

The only difference between these two settings is the number of frames per second that your camera will shoot. Obviously CL will be a lower frame rate than CH. The actual frame rate varies from camera to camera. Your camera’s user manual will be able to tell you about yours.

What affects the frame rate?

A number of factors will affect how fast your camera can write images to your card. If you want to speed up the frame rate:

  • shoot in JPEG instead of RAW (although I wouldn’t want to do that, but it is a factor)
  • make sure that the write speed of your card is fast
  • increase the size of your camera’s buffer – not that you can change it without spending a fortune on a new camera, but it is a factor
  • switch off your camera’s noise reduction
  • switch off your vibration reduction (or Image Stabilisation)
  • use a low ISO setting
  • set autofocus to continuous, so that the camera doesn’t have to refocus between shots
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