20 photography composition tips that will get you beautiful photos

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What sort of photographer are you?  Are you a person who carefully considers every frame for photography composition or are you a shoot by the seat of your pants sort of character?  There’s room in the photographic world for both types but sometimes a little more thought and contemplation can turn an okay photo into something more spectacular!

When it comes to photography composition, there are lots of rules, which photographers often talk about in serious tones.  It’s easy to get bogged down in these so my aim today is to suggest some simple tools you could use to really make your photos pop.

1. Try the “rule” of thirds

This is the so-called ‘rule’ you hear photographers mention most often.  Imagine you have a noughts and crosses grid placed on your photo, with two vertical and two horizontal lines placed at equal intervals across the frame.  The theory dictates that a picture will be more satisfying if important elements of the scene are placed on these lines and/or their intersections.  As with any rule, there will be times when this isn’t appropriate but it can often create a more interesting composition than simply placing the subject slap-bang in the center of the frame.

Rule of thirds tip: make sure to align your horizon on the ⅓rd or 2/3rd horizontal line depending on if you have more interesting subjects above or below the horizon line. For example, if you have beautiful flowers in the foreground, it makes sense to put the horizon on the ⅔ line to give more space to foreground elements.

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