10 Tips On Using Extreme Wide Angle Lenses for Landscape Photography

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As a landscape photographer, I love extreme wide angle lenses. I use my 16-35mm for 90% of my photos and I mostly use it at 16mm. When I give lectures about photography, I often hear people saying they have trouble with using extreme wide angle uses just because they are “so wide”. But these lenses require a different approach than your kit lens to get the most out of them.

Here are 10 tips on how to use/start using an extreme wide angle lens for landscape photography:

1. Observe Through the Camera

When first starting out with wide angle lenses, instead of using your eyes to look at the scene, use the camera/viewfinder. Keep watching through the viewfinder/live view while holding your camera close to you and see the effect you’re creating. Foregrounds are extremely important when using wide angle lenses. Even very small things like a little rock or plant can appear much bigger in comparison to the background on your photo.

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