10 Out Of This World Hiking Spots In Southern California

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Are you looking for amazing hiking trips in California? They are are a fantastic choice if you love it sweaty! Keep in mind shade, water, and elevation are absolutely worth considering in your hike plan. Murphy Ranch, Mount Baldy, and Switzer Falls are fantabulolus trails on your “TO-Hike” list!

Whether you are a virgin to hiking or a master hiker, each of these 10 Brilliant Out Of This World Hiking Spots In California is guaranteed to please all ages and abilities.

Take to the trails with your partner or with a group of friends to explore nature and rejuvenate your body and mind with some fresh mountainous air, spectacular scenery, and refreshing lakes, streams, and rivers.

Hiking trips give you the chance to reduce stress, strengthen immunity, and release those legal-drug endorphins so your energy levels shoot through the roof!

10) Mount Baldy, San Bernardino County

This hiking trips trail boasts the highest point in Los Angeles County; where you’ll discover some of the most challenging day hikes, and hidden waterfalls, located in beautiful Southern California.

Get set to sweat; and no worries because there is some fresh cool breeze mixed in.

Simply Amazing!

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